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Pteryxx Tracks

Scratchings from the thing between worlds.

10 January
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Ten years ago, I gave up writing, drawing, and sculpting to concentrate on my degree work. That may have been the biggest mistake of my life. Now, I'm slowly regaining the abilities that I once had, to move so freely and easily in the imaginary world. This journal is my attempt to gauge my progress and growth, as well as a reason to write something almost every day, even if it's only a journal entry.

Hence my name and avatar are from Archaeopteryx lithographica - 'stone-written ancient wing'.

Most of my writing and drawing is concentrated around the MMORPG City of Heroes, which I credit for reawakening my drive to create. There, I'm known by the name of my main character, Spackle. My roleplaying SG sites are www.victoryrp.com and www.talonsoffreedom.org