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10 December 2008 @ 11:03 pm
Phraseoftheday: Kitteh Figleaf  
Today's addition to the Net-savvy wanderer's meme vocabulary: Kitteh Figleaf.

On the December 4 episode of BBTV, BB Gadgets reviewer Joel Johnson did his first (official) naked shower scene while reviewing the Soundwave waterproof mp3 player. While the video is totally worksafe, commenters did enjoy watching his goofy dancing in the buff.

Joel the Naked Gadget Reviewer on BBTV: (Link to BB page)

Then, on yesterday's episode, Joel reviewed the Norelco Bodygroom electric shaver. He tried it on various areas, uploaded his video to the site, and only then discovered that his "footage" was shot a bit low. The error was quickly rectified by the application of a soft fluffy kitten picture in the appropriate area.

Joel the Half-Naked Gadget Reviewer on BBTV, Pettable Edition: (Link to BB page)

Attributed to Xeni Jardin, editor-contributor to the BoingBoing blog. Previously incarnated as the Blockatiel.
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